Women's Grappling Camp 2013

SAVE THE DATE: Women's Grappling Camp, Presidents' Day Weekend 2013 in Princeton, NJ!

The next Women's Grappling Cap will be held over Presidents' Day weekend (Feb 15-18, 2013) at Princeton BJJ (http://www.princetonbjj.com/) in Princeton, NJ! Get ready for another amazing experience with some amazing grapplechicks.

Registration will open after the holidays--WATCH THIS SPACE for details, because we are offering something we are calling the "Hurtling Toward a Fiscal Cliff" Special: the first, second, and third people to register will get to do so for $99, $149, and $199, respectively. We'll give you advance notice so you can get your clicking hands ready, but for now, mark your calendars and start planning!

What: WGC weekend camp
Where: Princeton BJJ
When: Friday, Feb 15-Mon, Feb 18, 2013

Nearest airports: Philadelphia, Newark, and JFK. Full travel and accommodations information to follow.


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